In loving memory

Welcome to our memorial page. Please contact us if you would like to post a memorial here as a special way to say good-bye to a best friend, or to offer condolences to a friend or family member whose pet has passed away.

A donation of any size is requested, which will go directly to help care for our cats. Please make a note that you wish to post a memorial when you make your donation and we will contact you for your picture and written words.

To donate by online or by check, please see our donations page. Thank you.

From all of us at Cat NAPS, please accept our condolences if you have lost a beloved pet. They truly leave a paw print on our hearts.


Hades / Goob / Nemo

Hades was adopted after five years of care under Cat NAPS, as one of their longest-to-wait-for-adoption FIV+ cats. He lived for nearly 6 years after adoption, putting his estimated age at about 12. He was a big, beautiful sweet boy who was loved by everyone who met him (even his vets would comment how gentle and kind he was!) He loved to cuddle against his mom and, if dad was lucky, he would lay against him as well. He was incredibly intelligent and was always quick to learn. He loved being outside where he would delight in supervised walks with his parents (he would often wait for them to catch up with him) and he loved playing with a mouse toy while he was upside-down under the couch as “spider-cat”. He would only eat the freshest of cat food, as he was a man of fine taste. Everyone who knew him seemed to develop their own affectionate nickname for him, and while he was most known as Hades, Goob, or Nemo, he also picked up the nicknames “Pumpkin Spice”, “Lumberjack”, “His most lugubriousness”, “My sweet boy”, and many others. Hades will forever live on in the love and memories of his mom, Anna; his dad, Cam; his extended family: Amy, Jeff, Zack, Tyler, Cameron, Addy, and Skittle, and many many others who knew and loved him.

Scampers & Dolly

We love to picture you together again over the Rainbow Bridge. We love you and we miss you.

Love, Caitlin & Chris Mercer