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Here are past editions of our newsletter! Enjoy!...

17. April 2020 - 2020 marks the 10-year Anniversary of Cat NAPS of Pottstown, Inc., Should You Clean Your Cat’s Paws?, Adoption Spotlight - Comet

16. January 2020 - "From a Cat to their rescuer", Do you know why your cat has a saggy belly?, Thank You Limerick Elementary School!, Spotlight - Conner 

15. October 2019 - Kitty Witchy Hat, Hats off to Emily Geiger!, Adoption Spotlight - Namath, 

14. August 2019 - Can Cats Eat Avocado?, Ways you can continue to help Cat NAPS of Pottstown, Inc.

13. July 2019 - Fun Ways Cats Get Their Chill On, Rescue Explained......(grab a tissue).....

12. April 2019 - 8 Household Items That Could Be Dangerous to Your Cat, Adoption Spotlight Updates - Liam, Ginny and Willow!

11. January 2019 - What’s up with cats making biscuits (a.k.a. kneading)?, Adoption Spotlight - Re-Introducing Liam!

10. October 2018 Do cats see ghosts?, How cats hear, Adoption Spotlight - Bill "The Cat Guy" Sharon's cats

9. July 2018 Do Cats Sweat? Do cats pant?, Way to go Girl Scout Troop #41654!, Adoption Spotlight - Ginny and Willow

8. April 2018 Research Shows Cats Have 5 Major Personality Types, Adoption Spotlight - Cassidy & Mikey

7. January 2018 5 Things You Should Know About Your Cat’s Paws, Adoption Highlight - Mimi

6. October 20176 Reasons You May Have a Scaredy Cat, Adoption Spotlight - Chris & Cornell and JuJuBee & GumDrop

5. July 2017 - 10 Signs You’re Really a Human Cat, 5 Summer Dangers & How to Protect Your Cat from Them, Adoption Spotlight - Princess Poppy

4. January 2017 - Pet New Year’s Resolutions (including Dogs), Adoption Spotlight - Liam

3. July 2016 - A Tale of Two Kitties, On a Personal Note, Adoption Spotlight - Meet The Cat NAPS Peanuts Gang!

2. April 2016 - Strange Facts About Cats, Cat NAPS at the Pottstown Family & Home Expo!, Adoption Spotlight - Pearlie

1. January 2016 - 2015 Highlights, The Honest Truth About FIV, A few of our celebrated FIV adoption updates, Celebrated adoption of Black & Decker